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font paletteIf you want to ensure that existing and potential customers recognize your brand, you need to go further than just designing a memorable logo-you need to create a cohesive experience. One of the most undervalued yet effective ways to do this is by selecting a font palette to use for all client communications, marketing materials and other representations of your brand.

Graphic designers are happy to discuss typography as well as style guides for company use-often as an extension to any branding work they’re already doing for you. The resources available to improve your typographic brand are better today than ever before.

Wistia, a Massachusetts-based provider of video hosting and analytics, employs two key fonts universally. When customers use Wistia’s web-based application or read the company blog, they feel like they’re visiting different parts of the same whole. That result is due just as much to the company’s consistent use of typography as to the logo at the top of the page.

“For a brand to have a personality, all the things it makes need to look like they were drawn by the same hand,” says Joe Ringenberg, design lead at Wistia.

If you think about typography as ‘voice’, then it’s imperative that voice is carried across all marketing. If you want those messages to be effectively connected to your brand. By maintaining consistency in that voice, you stand a far better chance of having these messages accrue and aggregate and reinforce each other.

Wistia’s typeface selections drive home the company’s clean aesthetic and mission. Look ensures across-the-board appeal.

Keeping the use of these typefaces consistent across all materials Wistia creates requires a companywide commitment. Encouraging an entire company to think about design on some level is the ideal. Doing so makes it easier for everyone to stick to branding guidelines.

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Article condensed from Entrepreneur magazine—Feb.2015, written by Thursday Bram »