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ImageSocial media has become a valuable marketing tool for companies to stay in touch with clients, make new business connections, post news and specials, and to share photos of your products, business, staff and happy customers.

Lost When It Comes to Social Media?

Don’t fret. Leave it to us! Creative Instinct can set up your company’s essential social media accounts — Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our social media setup package includes accounts setup, custom designed elements for your profile and/or header banner including your logo and branding colors. Creating a look that is consistent with your company’s brand enhances your professional image and social media presence.

Now, in order for your social media efforts to be effective in attracting clients, you must post information and updates to your account on a regular basis. At least weekly is a good rule of thumb. No time to do it? We can help with that too. Included in our social media services is 1-2 updates per week that we will post into your accounts on your behalf. Simply, provide us with company news and/or photos to post, or we can find news specific to your industry to post on a weekly basis.

IMPORTANT TIP:  Always, always include a link to your website in every post. (This increases your company’s website SEO!)  Social media should not take the place of your company’s webiste, and driving traffic to your site is very important. It’s where your potential customers will go to confirm that you are a legitimate business and learn more about your services. Through our social media services, we make it a practice to always include a link to our clients’ websites with every social media post.

Tips for Social Media Fodder
There are 4 main types of posts you can make on social media:

  1. Text only Posts (statuses) – This is the most basic type of post you can make to your page — and probably makes up the majority of all posts in social media. Text only posts are quick & easy — which is why they’re so common.
  2. Link Posts – A “link post” happens when you paste a url in the status box and Facebook generates a thumbnail, title and description for the story.
  3. Photo Posts – Posting a photo along with your update or news is a great way to catch attention in a newsfeed. We encourage you to do so whenever possible!
  4. Video Posts – Videos are a great way to capture the attention of your viewers. Video needs to be informative, your original work (uploading something you don’t own could get you deleted), and compelling.


Incorporating your social media accounts into your website greatly increases your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your site rank higher in search engines. Want more information on how to do that? Contact us!

Need professional help?
Does your company need assistance with creating and maintaining your social media presence? Perhaps you have tried to do it yourself, but just can’t find the time. We can
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