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Wow, these brands have come a long way, baby! has compiled and compared the first and current versions of logos used by some of the world’s biggest brands. 

In the list ‘The Original and Current Form of Famous Logos’, it features logos of companies such as Apple, Firefox, LEGO, McDonald’s and the likes. Of course, the list has yet to update Microsoft’s recent logo change

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Businesses that avoid these branding mistakes are much more likely to survive.

In today’s global marketplace, you are no longer just competing with businesses across town, but often with companies across the country or even across the ocean. With so many options readily available, customers are looking for something that stands out among the sea of choices. Businesses can quickly get lost among the large companies that have internal departments specifically devoted to successfully marketing their brand. But by avoiding these common mistakes, you can more easily beat your competition and successfully capture the attention of potential customers.

First of all… What is a Brand?

Creating a strong brand identity for your company is vitally important to its success. So what exactly is a brand? It’s much more than just a logo and a tagline – it’s the heart of your company and how your customers think and feel about your business. What makes you different from your competitors? Excellent customer service? Unequaled experience? Even the smallest things that positively reflect the core values of your company can be incorporated into your brand. By preserving a true and consistent message, you will create an instant emotional connection with your customers that will last a lifetime.

Mistake #1 –  Printing Key Documents on Blank White Paper

This is the biggest mistake we see:  printing an important quote, invoice or proposal on blank white paper. Take every opportunity to display your logo and reinforce you brand – including the paper that you print your forms on. This will not only give your company a professional look and feel, but the customers will be reminded of their experience with your business every time they see your colorful logo on their receipt.

Mistake #2 –  Letting an Amateur Design Their Logo

The second most common mistake is letting an amateur design your logo. Logo design is no place for students, employees, family or friends who like to “dabble.” They might be creative, but they don’t know how to create a brand that will work in all media (web, emails, print, signs, etc.). They haven’t studied what color will work to suit your business, and they don’t know about developing a unique positioning statement. The logo is often your customers’ first impression of your business – a professional designer can ensure that impression is a good one.

Mistake #3 – Being Inconsistent with Their Brand

This usually goes with having an amateur design the logo. Rely on a professional that knows you must have brand rules and total consistency to make sure you look and sound the same every time you contact your customer. Constantly changing the face of your company or trying to make your brand stand for too many things at once can be confusing for those who are trying to decide where to take their business. Have a clear, concise message and make sure that message is consistently delivered in everything you do.

Mistake #4 – Not Having a Real Brand or Position

Many small and mid–sized businesses in the U.S. do not have a real brand logo or position. They might have “stylized” text that only they recognize, or they might have an acronym laid out on a piece of paper or a sign. But they have no brand or company image that their customers and potential customers will easily recognize. They are likely to be one of the three out of four businesses that do not survive to their 10th anniversary.

Mistake #5 – Not Using a Professional for Website Design and eMarketing Services

In a time when many people do their research and shopping online, your website might be the first contact your customer has with your business. Without the help of a professional to design and host your website and email marketing, you could end up with a homemade site that makes your business look small and unskilled and turns customers away before they even see the significant value you offer over your competitors. Make the investment in a professional partner for designing and hosting your website. You never get a second chance to make a first impression online.

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