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6 Ways to Enhance Your Practice’s Visual Brand

Does your health care practice need to elevate its communications and visibility in the community? Creative Instinct can help. In fact, health care branding and marketing is our specialty!

Below are six ways to enhance your practice’s visual brand:

1.  New Logo

Your professionally designed logo should be one that others remember, one that stands out above your competitors. A customized logo makes your practice look established, professional and helps elevate your visibility in the community.

2.  Practice Brochure(s)

Your professionally designed tri-fold or bi-fold brochure describes your services and tells your story in a polished and professional manner. It may include physician bios & photos, and may be left with referring physicians and/or patients.

3.  Website

No organization, including health care practices, should be without a website. In the 21st century, it is considered unprofessional to be without one! Your professionally designed website should be eye-appealing and brand consistent. Also, it must be functional, provide tools for your clients, and be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for higher search rankings.

4.  Stationery & Folder

This professionally designed kit makes a great New Patient Packet or Marketing Packet to leave with referring physicians. Add your practice brochure as a finishing touch. Of course, it should be designed to match all your website and other print materials.

5.  Appointment Card

A nice, 2-sided appointment card is another great opportunity to further promote your brand. The card may have your logo and contact info on the front, and appointment info on the back. It should be professionally designed to match your other materials.

6.  Patient Referral Form Notepad

A great tool to leave with referring physicians! It should be designed to match all your website and other print materials.

Notice something?

All of the promotional tools above have the SAME look and feel (i.e. color scheme, fonts, photography, etc.)  You wouldn’t leave the house with a mismatched pair of shoes… at least, not intentionally. So why would you represent your business with mismatched promotional materials? A consistent look throughout your marketing efforts is key to creating a polished and professional visual brand.

Need assistance with your health care brand?

Perception is reality, and image is everything. The tools mentioned above are just a sampling of what Creative Instinct can provide to enhance your practice’s visual brand identity. Email Gwen Canfield at, or call 501-244-0573 to schedule a free consultation. To see how we’ve helped other organizations with their marketing efforts, visit our website at